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Submissions for WowioTV during SDCC, new mods, new community project, new milestones! IT'S HUGE

skoolmunkee at 3:10PM, June 30, 2010

Okay guys, there's a lot of stuff in this newspost, so I hope you're paying attention!

First up, and maybe most interesting to everybody, is something from Wowio. There's three parts:

1. They will be at San Diego Comic-Con and want to know which DDers will be there too. They'd love to meet up with you and maybe catch you for some video content or something. I found a thread here about SDCC so if you're planning on going, post in the thread!

2. As part of Wowio's whole launch thing at SDCC, they have a special area out back on the Friday and there will be a tent thingy (I forget what they're called) where they will be handing out “information and stuff regarding the three sites” (DrunkDuck, Wowio, and the launch site WEvolt). They're curious to hear any ideas about the sorts of things they could do in there to help showcase the sites, so I made a thread here where you can put your ideas.

3. Remember in part 1 when I said ‘video content’? Well, Wowio wants to do a thing during SDCC (and I think the plan was also some time leading up to SDCC, but not sure if that is still in the works) where there will be live-streamed video here on Drunk Duck and Wowio's other sites. Some of that they will be able to manage themselves (like footage and interviews from SDCC), but they will need a lot more! That is where you guys come in. Uh, I'll just quote Kinh here:

But in addition to interviews, we really want to get the DD community involved in creating virtually ANY kind of content they want to see put up on the stream. Basically, Wowio REALLY wants the DD community to feel as if the content on this WowioTV thing is DD related and informed by the DD community itself. We’re thinking the best way to actually get members of the community interested in the stream would be to reach out to them and ask them to get involved with it (completely at their discretion of course). This can include IDEALLY video content related to DD of some kind, but additionally if they want to do DD-related comic strips, drawings, music, audio, etc. All this stuff is going to be used both to present back to the community on the stream and to promote the site as a whole to new audiences.
So, basically that means, if you have video or other content you'd like to share, you can do so! (With the knowledge that it is being publicly distributed via the stream.) I'm nnnnnnnot really sure how they plan to organize this, so I've started a thread just to get things going and we'll see how it goes from there. I included some of my ideas for video content in that thread, I don't know if they'll do any of them, but it might give you guys ideas for stuff to contribute. So even if you just have an image or something, Wowio TV is going to try and pull things together into interesting content that helps showcase the site and its members (you guys). Wowio TV isn't a big ad, obviously they don't have to sell DD to us, so they want to make sure it has content you guys actually want to watch.

I will add here, if you do want to share content, I think it will be MOST helpful if you can be specific. These guys have a lot to do, and there's a big difference there between “hey you can use my comic” and “here are some links to specific images which I think are really good”…. that sort of thing.

Okay! I think that's the big one out of the way. :]

In case you haven't noticed yet, we have some new mods in the forums! Niccea, Hakoshen, and Product Placement are truly forum gadflies, so everyone on the forums should have some idea who they are. The three of them are using the power of the triforce to mod the Forum Games section while AQua_ng is away. Once AQua comes back, and if those three haven't been too naughty, they'll each get their own forum and help out around the place. We've lost a few mods over time so it will be good to see more of them around! Product Placement has already made a thread in General Discussion lording it over you all. Please be nice to them. Why not pop along to the forum games section, join in the fun and say hi while you're there?

Who likes community projects? I do!

Salsa has begun a community project named BUG Bad Ugly Good which he feels could not only help others improve their comicking skills and provide a large repository of what others are capable of, but it would also provide a platform for massively cross-promoting other people's comics that may or may not be as well known. Improve AND promote? Sounds great!
He explains some more about the project here, but it involves submitting good and bad examples of doing comics and then he and jninjashadow (and others?) will do critiques.

The inspiration was How Not To Run A Comic, a defunct creation on ComicGenesis, but which gives you the idea of what Salsa wants to do here. Since this is a community project though, he needs community people to get involved! If he made it all himself it would be no fun and would not really be a community project. See how that works? So he needs contributors!

You can go to this thread for information and submitting, but he tells me that he “needs the best and the worst the Duck has to offer,” as he wants to present a wide variety of good and bad examples of each of the categories.

On June 18th, Malefic Tales by Genejoke reached 25 pages, which includes covers of the various stories! Hey, covers are pages too. :]

If the uploading goes well, MOrgan will be posting his 475th page of M.Organ Art on July 3rd! As a bonus, that date is also the 10th anniversary of when he posted his first adult cartoon on the web. I'm sure there's a fireworks joke here, but congrats to you just the same. :]

3D Glasses hit 100 comics this Tuesday! Creator 3D Glasses is doing a “super special update” every weekday this week to celebrate, and says that you should come check it out!

COMICSINC has just passed the 200 pages mark with Biological Indestructible Tactical Combat Hybrid Squad! (Spell it out and it may sound more familiar!) And apparently he's got some interest from Industry Guys ™ so, good luck!

rokulily's reached 50 pages with BLANK LIFE insert player rokulily “without all the extra stuffs.” YAY FOR YOU!

Seedy Comics by Master of Vuric reaches 200 pages on Thursday! YAY FOR YOU TOO!



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