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Lots of news today! Better read it all or no dessert!

skoolmunkee at 8:56AM, May 11, 2010

Hey guys, sorry the news is a bit late this week! I have been on holiday and it is hard to do newsposts while driving around Scotland. Sunday's newspost might be on time though. Maybe!

OK I do not have a lot of time so I will make this quick!

rogerawilbanks tells me that he hit his 150th page of The Portland Express with the chapter he's just posted!

genejoke's Malefic (his “very firsted comic ever”) reaches 50 pages on May 14th!

From alschroeder and the gang at CROSSOVERLORD:

Over two years, CROSSOVERLORD has been a joy to do—but it was always meant to be a limited series, like INFINITY GAUNTLET and CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. We reached the climax of the story in the last two weeks, and the two updates this coming week will be the last CROSSOVERLORD pages, as the group makes their goodbyes.

The KAMics by KAM reached a huge 1100 pages on May 8th!

Important Business by Aleks55 reached 400 pages on the 9th!

also from Aleks55, TV Man is 175 pages long!

neostar's manga Spoon has reached 100 pages!

Happy and Tony Adventures by WTHecksicle has reached a 25th page milestone!

guys, we have a new interview up! Awesome! Air Raid Robertson interviews Hari of Micah (and others)! air Raid Robertson really pulled out all the stops and asked a load of great questions, so the whole thing is really worth a read! And I know that all the interviewers/ees love to see replies so they know what people thought of the interview. :]

How long do you intend to chronicle Micah's life? Are you going to be like Cerberus and follow him until his death?

I'm afraid telling you that would give away a vital element of the plot…

Ah, well we can't have that…
Why did you choose to do Micah in black and white? Was there a storytelling reason? Was it relevant to the cost of a print run? Or, do you intend on shifting to color when you get to another period of Micah’s life? The last options seems within your idiom.

You're right! One of the very final sections may be in colour, but it was partly supposed to be indicative of his state of mind… a little later there are dream sequences where particular objects appear in red.

Don't forget there are lots of other recent interviews which could do with a read and perhaps even a reply maybeeeeee?
Kroatz interviews ministrybase of Ministry!
mamaya94 interviews girldirtbiker of Light Within Shadow!
ministrybase interviews Kroatz of No Heroes!
Pieguy259 interviews PIT_FACE of PUTRID MEAT!
PIT_FACE interveiws Pieguy259 of Stickman and Cube!



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