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It is back, the news is back! Hide your children! And your cupcakes!

skoolmunkee at 7:36AM, May 19, 2010

Sorry about the delay with the news there, everyone! I was on holiday, making a nuisance of myself in Scotland and Ireland, then there was lots of stuff to do when I got back. But I am back now and although I feel like I need to sleep for a week, I will be doing newsposts again! Also thanks to Oz for handling stuff while I was away, like an extra feature, and forum queries. :] GUYS, OZONEOCEAN IS THE BEST

MAFIA IS BACK! That's right, no one is safe. Just when you think it has gone, it returns for another round! This time it's MAFIA NOIR (XXVIII), being run by Kroatz, an all-around pretty good guy and apparently a fan of detective novels. The game will start on Monday or Tuesday, so there is lots of time to sign up! It looks like it will be of a decent size, there are already 24 players- and the more the better!

Bella Roi's Down The Stairs in Bethany Hospital has hit the 25 page milestone!

Grin ‘n’ Spirit by ghostrunner has reached 700 pages this week!

smbhax's little comic Sketchy is holding a sweet party to celebrate its 100th comic!

The Urban Legends by Legend Comics has recently passed the 25 page landmark!

4bitFPS's comic Achievement Wh0rz has reached the 75th strip as of May 19th! “Happiness!” (25 points)



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