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skoolmunkee at 2:59PM, May 26, 2010

Off Hours, a community project run by dueeast wherein comic characters live their real lives (their comics are just acting jobs)… is ending in a week or two! :( However,

it will have TWO endings! Readers can decide which ending they like and give their answers in the comments section of each page.

In addition, Off Hours will have a 2-page special encore and a few “Deleted Scenes” pages. Off Hours is going out with a bang!
Also the most recent page has an awesome cameo of a really cool comic character that everyone should know and love (even though the comic she's from hasn't updated since November)!

Sameth's Dragon City turns 5 years old on Thursday! He says he will “more than likely be making a special comic for the anniversary”!

Chomp by Fitz hits 25 pages today! Congrats!

I dunno if this is a milestone or not, but why not? :] houseofmuses has just sold her 675th copy of House of the Muses this week, and she says “Huge thanks to all my readers!”

WTHecksicle's The Marvelous and Fantastical Variety Show has hit 25 pages! he'd also like to add that it's updating daily (sometimes more than once)!



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