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Milestones, Name That Voice, and Mafia Madness!

skoolmunkee at 11:55AM, Nov. 14, 2010

Accolade Graphics tells me that Fantastic Tales has reached 25 pages! Give him a hand, folks!

And at 50 pages is Cubicle by elektro and genejoke! “The story is winding up pretty soon, so if anyone hasn't read it yet, now's a good time to get caught up!”

ayesinback announces the Drunk Duck “Name That Voice” contest! The idea is simple- Drunk Duckers record themselves reading a specific bit of text, then upload them (with an anonymous filename) to the given hosting site. Later, they (and other DDers) can listen to all the recordings and make their best guesses as to who's who! We know we've got DDers all over the world, and this seems like a fun way to connect a bit more with them all (and make fun of their silly accents). Check out the link above to read the full directions! You can still submit guesses even if you don't want to record yourself, but it will be more fun with more people!


MAFIA XXVII signups: The Madness Never Ends! This one is being run by Product Placement, a favorite GM, so if you've never gotten your forum game on you should give it a go!

Product Placement
That's right folks. It's the return of the madness. The game where everyone gets a role so that they all can feel special. This is essentially a rerun of the game that was dubbed “The Madness Continues”

No child left behind: Everyone gets a special role. There are no “Townie” roles or people who have no additional powers, apart from being able to vote during the days. The more people decide to join this game, the more roles I shall be forced to make up. So if you really want to see some crazy roles, I encourage you to promote the hell out of this game.
That's right- the more people who sign up, the crazier the game will get (and the harder you'll make Product Placement have to work, hahaha). So sign yourself up, and badger others into signing up too!




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