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DD member interviews are GO! Not-contest results! Super sized news!

skoolmunkee at 11:12AM, Nov. 28, 2010

I know it was a slow weekend for some of you, but stuff happened while you were gone, you know! Most especially, I've posted some DD member interviews- you should really check them out!

First though, some milestones, and a very special announcement for a very special comic:

Arachnid Goddess by Chernobog has reached 350 pages!

Pam Harrison's A Deviant Mind has now surpassed 50 pages, and A Deviant Mind #3 debuts on 12.01.10!
A new kind of quest begins: A quest for a parking space on Black Friday, the quest for ghostrunner's carkeys, and the quest for Tara's mind. Don't miss it!!

On Saturday, RPGgrenade uploaded his 75th page of Nectar of the Gods!

You called me out last time for being “too formal”, so I'll try and tone it down a bit for this one

YO, what up, dawg! Apple Vissy be droppin' 175 back on turkey day, but I was wit too many fine bit-

Ok, I can't do this.

Anyway, Apple Valley hit it's 175th update back on Thursday.
I don't remember that, but it's okay Kallisti you can't all be kickin' rad like me. STOP, *HAMMER TIME*

Special announcement! Maybe you remember this contest-thingy?
The Webcomic Formerly Known As Stickman And Cube has found its new stars… Stickman and Cube!

Any mail for the dynamic duo can be posted here.

And now the interviews!

This one's new today!

Hunchdebunch interviews usedbooks of Used Books, Gelotology and others! Here's a preview:
How on earth do you stay motivated enough to create such a long comic? My longest comic pales in comparison!

Simple answer is that it's practically all I have going on in my life. :P But to be less emo about it, I love creation. It drives me crazy to be unproductive. Plus, I'm the biggest fan of my work, so the whole thing is basically a fan fiction of itself. Being on DD has probably added a huge additional motivating factor. I was shocked when other people started reading it and liking it too. Suddenly, I'm not the only person anticipating the next page, and once I start doing things for other people, I up my ante a bit to be worthy of their attentions.

And from Thursday,

usedbooks interviews Hunchdebunch (creator of Last of the Wilds, Quest for Zanvadas, and others)! An excerpt:

Time for a hypothetical. If you went on a magical vacation to any of your comic worlds, where would you go, with whom would you associate, and what would you do?

I think I’d actually choose to go to the world of Patronus, an idea I’m still planning out!

But if I had to choose from one of my comic that’s on here, I’d have to say Quest For Zanvadas. I’d love to fly around in a spaceship, visiting different planets. I also think that Varin and…some other characters who will be coming into it soon…would be a right laugh to hang out with! I think we’d probably end up getting into all sorts of trouble, to be honest!

What would you bring me back as a souvenir? (I know you’d bring me something because we’re bestest friends now.)

I think it’d have to be either some space rock, or some exotic alien food! Or perhaps both!

I'm sure the people participating in these interviews would love some comments/replies from the people reading them. So don't be shy!



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