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New OFFICIAL DrunkDuck Facebook page! - Managed by Creepy Carly

srhdt at 1:27PM, Nov. 29, 2010

Pasting below the words of Creepy Carly herself:

Hey guys and dolls! It’s your sometimes-admin, always-friend Creepy Carly here. I’m back helping the DD kids build and fill out a nifty new fantastical Facebook page….and this one’s the OFFICIAL page of DrunkDuck. So why should you check out THIS page versus the 10 billion unofficial DrunkDuck pages? Well first off we’ve got exclusive pictures from DD events taken by current and past users that you can’t find anywhere else, AND we invite you, our lovely readers and artists, to post your pics, updates, and milestones there. Once in a while, we might even tweet them out to DD’s 722 (and rising!) twitter followers. Can’t beat that with a stick (mainly ‘cause it’s all digital, but you know what I mean)!

Check out our new Facebook page HERE. ‘Likes’ are appreciated. :)



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