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Maybe your day is pretty busy, but not too busy for NEWS!

skoolmunkee at 3:30PM, Oct. 5, 2010

I mean, I didn't get a chance to write this til like 11:30 pm but I still had time for news! NEWS! Neeeeeeeews!

Magical Weather Girls Go by altprom reaches 50 pages today! Mmmm magical..

Also at 50 pages is wildcard's A Girl Called Hate! Why would anyone name their kid that. That is a terrible name.

At 25 pages is chriscomic's Christopher! Congrats on that and keep up the good work. :]

harkovast has just realized that Harkovast has hit 150 pages! Awwww I remember when that comic was jus' a lil' baby.

Crap2 by I Am The 1337 Master reached 200 pages this week! That's right, 200 installments of crap2!

At 325 comics is Negligence by electro! Everyone, check it out!

And lastly, on October 4th Nectar of the Gods by RPGgrenade reached its 1 year anniversary!



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