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Not a lot of news but YOU BETTER READ IT

skoolmunkee at 10:05AM, Oct. 8, 2010

Guess what! Fight 2 by mlai has reached one huuuuuuuundred pages! He says that's not counting fillers so I guess that means he actually has more pages of stuff!

Maybe you recall the DD24hour 2010 comic?!?!?! Product Placement is running the show, if you worked on a comic on 24-Hour Comics Day (even if you didn't finish on the day) you can send it to him and he'll post it up as its own story! There's 9 or 10 comics posted, so there's stuff there to read too! In fact…

DD24hour 2010 has reached 50 pages!

DD24hour 2010 has reached 100 pages!

DD24hour 2010 has reached 150 pages!

BlakMage has gained a level! *win music*



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