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Trick-or-Treat MAFIA signups, milestones, and a list of contests! - UPDATED

skoolmunkee at 11:30AM, Oct. 19, 2010

MAFIA XXXVI: Trick or Townston is taking sign ups! This is a fun forum game, and this time around it's Halloween-themed (of course!) It's trick-or-treaters versus monsters. What gruesome deaths are in store?!

The Mafia promo pic is done by rokulily, who also says:

i'm also doing a costume collection picture. for all the people who sign up to play to then tell me what they want their costumes to be and at the the end of the game there will be a big picture with everyone in their desired costumes. might be a fun treat!
So! Join Mafia, play a fun game, get yourself in a drawing!

At 25 pages is Insecta Militia Corp. by raven37! The Cyberbats have arrived at I.M.C…

Genejoke's Malefic hits 125 pages on the 20th of October! That's tomorrow!

KAM's the KAMics reached 1150 pages on Monday! :O

There's a bunch of contests still underway! Off the top of my head,
MAG-ISA fan art contest
usedbooks fan art contest
The Beast Legion fan art contest
Master the Tiger trivia/puzzle
Cross Worlds Nexxus guessing game



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