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Newspost The Part Two- Drunk Duck Awards 2010 News (and requests!)

skoolmunkee at 10:12AM, Sept. 4, 2010

The winners for the Drunk Duck Awards will be announced on Sept 6th through Sept 15th. 5 winners will be posted daily. Except on the weekend. Users are encouraged to make acceptance speech comics and/or concession speech comics.

And as an added treat this year any user can submit ANYTHING awards related and I'll post it as long as it's T+ in rating or less. So people can have their characters have adventures in the audience. Bash the awards party. Or have a crazy adventure because they can't get to the awards showing. Pretty much whatever they wish! Give fan art to winners and/or nominees. Whatever they wish to send me!

I'll attempt to strategically place it in the awards as I get them the best I can. Or they'll be at the end. Either way I hope people can have fun and enjoy the awards! A lot of people worked really hard to bring it together again! And they all deserve an award and praise for such a great job!

I want to personally thank everyone that helped out as well. I couldn't have put it together without this great community!

comic link for the awards btw :3
Drunk Duck Awards 2010!

And more opportunity to participate in the fun:

I'm trying to get the 2010 Drunk Duck Award nominees together to choreograph and set up our own Drunk Duck version of the Jimmy Fallon/Glee parody video from the Emmy Awards!

JustNoPoint, our host for this year, has already stepped up to contribute, and we know how busy he is! PQ me if you are a 2010 Drunk Duck Award nominee and want to be in on this community project! The list from the video is below, and we have plenty of room for extras! Once the casting list from the DD nominees is complete, I'll give you the panel setting and lyrics/script so you can submit your comic panel for the page! I CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU GUYS!!!!

LET'S ROLL! Details are at

Well what are you waiting for, the DD Awards need YOU!



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