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More milestones, and the DD Awards!

skoolmunkee at 7:15AM, Sept. 11, 2010

Sorry for not having more news for you this week, I guess it's been a bit slow with the holiday! I'm sure you guys will be back in full news-generating swing next week, right?

I hope you are still checking out the Drunk Duck Awards 2010! Winners and other comic sundries are being posted every weekday until the 15th! It's a great, splendiferous awardshow finish to a fantastic community project- I bet a comic you know has won something!

More than a month after being Featured here, my comic Soul Symphony has been going strong and has just reached 50 pages!

Goofycabal has just updated his 150th page of The Truth About Corey Strode! (Actually, the PQ he sent me said ‘15th’ but I think 150 is a nicer number, don't you? Also it actually was supposed to be 150.)

And on Monday, machinehead's Cowtoon will roll out its 250th page!



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