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24 Hour Comics Day, big fan-art contest, comic casting call, and Used Books in print! (and milestone

skoolmunkee at 1:34PM, Sept. 17, 2010

So Hey, 24 Hour Comics Day is coming up (October 2nd), are you guys doing anything? (If you don't know, that's a day where comic peoples try to make 24 comic pages in 24 hours!) Maybe some of you could get together to at least provide internet-support to each other in the networking/community forum? I'm not sure what DD would be able to do to support this- maybe a newspost on that day with links to the comics people are making? What do you think? I think it's a good opportunity and from what I've heard, it's a lot of fun! People should do stuff for it! GUYS YOU SHOULD BE GETTING EXCITED!

Stickman and Cube have been sacked, and the Author is looking for new main characters. Any out of work characters looking to audition are welcome to do so, as long as their authors don't mind.

JazylH is having a fan art contest to celebrate the 4th issue of his comic The Beast Legion! There are a LOT of prizes (really good prizes too, like cash-money, commissions, issues, and deviantart specific things) and you can find out all the entry rules and details on this deviantart news announcement! (There are more pages up on his main page than on DD, so if you want to enter the contest or just want to read more of the comic, you might want to check that site out!)

Longtime and well-loved DDer usedbooks says,
I’d like to announce the 850 page milestone of Used Books (will go live on Tuesday), and I’d like to add a note that a really long story arc (spanning over a year) just came to a conclusion. The newly begun chapter marks something of a season premiere, so it’s a good time for new readers to jump in. For those intimidated by the growing archive, I have plot summaries and other references available, so you don’t have to read back through the whole thing if you want to start with the recent stuff. I’d like to thank my readers for all their encouragement, and I hope to continue to make Used Books worthy of their support!

One final thing I’d like to add is that I have a 176 page full color book available at IndyPlanet now. :)
Silly usedbooks, you should announce the book FIRST!

Fearman, the daily comic strip by fearman, has reached its 1 year anniversary! He started on September 14th 2009 with the dailies and is still going strong! Sorry I didn't manage to get that posted closer to the 14th. :]

Reaching 25 pages is The Pinfall by miya_c! Check out that thumbnail, don't you just want to click on it?!

kitsunekage's Croston's Method Comix has reached 50 pages! What is Croston's Method? Would reading the comic would enlighten you? Try it and see! (I call that, skoolmunkee's method.)

Air Raid Robertson has more comic good news for us! The Captial of Helsinki (which I somehow doubt has anything to do with Finland) has just reached its 75th strip! Keep the good stuff comin' ARR *brofist*

If you would be so kind, I would appreciate it if you would inform the masses in your next news post that my wonderful, handsome comic for intelligent and good looking people Cashcow has broken 100 pages.
Well isn't it going to fix them?! >:[ Cashcow's not invited to MY house.



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