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Have I got news for you!

skoolmunkee at 9:42AM, Sept. 28, 2010

Well, I have. And here it is. In no particular order whatsoever.

Before I forget! Everyone should have checked out the Drunk Duck Awards 2010 by now! All the winners have been announced, and JustNoPoint has been uploading congratulatory comics, acceptance speech comics, etc as well! So there is a TON of stuff to go look at, see if your favorite comics won anything, and enjoy the work of your fellow DDers! Congratulations to all the worthy winners, it was a good contest all around, and a big thank you to JustNoPoint who worked his bum off getting this all done. And just for fun, you may want to stop by the DD Awards forum so you can check out whether your comic was nominated for anything (even if it didn't make it into the finalists), and other extras!

On Thursday, September 30th bravo1102's Attack of the Robofemoids will reach 50 pages, and hopefully the first page of issue #3! bravo adds:

I can hardly believe that a comic that didn't even have 50 pages and only a couple of months old won Best Photocomic let alone that something I did win “best” anything.

On the 29th (that's tomorrow!), Malefic Tales by Genejoke reaches 100 pages! And he's still looking for collaborators!

Also tomorrow, Randal's Brick sees its 150th comic! Check it out!

Legomegacy's My Sister the Awakening has surpassed 175 pages, and as of Sunday began the very last issue of the entire “Sisters Saga” - he's made a special cover to commemorate the milestone!

It's a big day for all of us. My webcomic, Kids With Gas Eat Free, will hit it's 100th strip on Tuesday, September 28th. Also, my son is due to be born, and I'm still not missing a deadline! Let's all celebrate by checking out the KWGEF archive!
What are his priorities? YOU DECIDE

Divine Leap by darrell reaches 400 pages today! I bet you wish YOU had 400 pages! I do. :(



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