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Double Quackcast!

skoolmunkee at 2:28PM, April 5, 2011

Hey all! Many of you won't see this until the sidebars start working again (unless you subscribed to the newsfeed rss like I told you to months ago!), but we've got two new Quackcasts posted today!

Quackcast Episode 21.5: Interview with Lawrence Leach, CTO of WOWIO!
This is a special edition QuackCast recorded specifically to address the site issues which came up on DrunkDuck in the past week. Lawrence discusses the problems from a technical perspective and answers a lot of questions!

…and our usual;

Quackcast Episode 21 - I Say Old Chum, Jolly Good Advice About Speeding Up
skool and oz summarize the site problem from March 30th, and then go on to discuss various ways in which you might speed up the process of making your comics. Also we go kind of overboard on accents.

Topics and Show Notes

Featured Comic:
Keeping Up With Thursday
Featured Comic:
Gods Almighty

Community contributions:
itsjustaar, kyupol, ramlama, Genejoke

Speeding up the Process:
- Things or processes which you can set up to pave the way for you to move along quickly.
- Things which remove work from you entirely.
- Basically, it’s cutting corners.
- Taking the time to learn about or get better at something generally means you can also do it very quickly.
- Being organized can help, and so can knowing what you need in order to work effectively.

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