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It's a great day for contest winners, milestones, and time travel!

skoolmunkee at 9:12AM, April 22, 2011

Happy Friday, everyone! Where I live, it's sunshiney-warm (rare) and the start of a bunch of holiday days (so no work!) I'm looking forward to the next week- catching up on my comics, checking out lots of your comics, testing things out on The Duck preview site, and other good times!

Speaking of the preview site, ozoneocean and I recorded the next Quackcast, and it features Kinh Ngyuen, Lawrence Leach, and Zach Pennington- three of the people who have had a big role at Wowio in developing the preview site, responding to people who are feeding back and making suggestions about the site, and working to make it something everyone can be proud of and happy to use. It's going to be 2 hours long! It should be released on Tuesday, and there's a lot of info in it.

I've got a little something here from MrHades for you!

As you may remember, I ran a contest a few weeks ago on my comic, Vanguard. The winner was Fukujinzuke!

The prize was a rendering of a character of the winner's choice.

He wanted a drawing of the villainous sharpshooter: Desperado!
and here it is!:

I'll be running another contest in a few weeks, so anyone who wants a similar prize should keep 'em peeled!

Okay! I feel like some milestones! How about you?

gullas's comic Bobby the Fetus turned 350 pages young on Wednesday! He wrote that in the past, talking about the future, and here I am in the future talking about the past in the past… when do the Terminators start showing up?

On Thursday, The DD Mafia Comic by Niccea reached 550 pages! She too was in the past, talking about the future, and now in the future I'm talking about her in the past-past talking about the future… does this seem familiar to anyone else? I feel weird.

Gunwallace told me that Character Development has reached 250 pages! So now he's in the nearer past, talking about the past, and I'm only in the slightly-future talking about a nearer-past in the past. I think.

Arachnid Goddess by Chernobog has reached 400 pages, which is even NEARER to now than all the others, but still in the past. Still I feel slightly better!

And Genejoke's Lite Bites hits 75 pages on the 2nd of May…. THAT IS WAY TOO FAR IN THE FUTURE, I'm going to announce that again when the time is right, which means I'll be reliving the past and argh I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE



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