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Episode 38: Quackcast+, Sharing and Stuff!

skoolmunkee at 3:29AM, Aug. 9, 2011

is up and ready for listening!

Aside from a hilarious clip by VegaX to promote “Duck and Quail”, skoolmunkee is on her own this week. She takes the opportunity to think out loud about community involvement, Google+, and the idea of a site-wide poll.

Topics and Show Notes
Featured Comics:
Lite Bites -
Duck and Quail -

The Duck Help Site in progress

Community involvement:
- Contributing to “Lite Bites” or “Duck and Quail”
- Other current projects!
- Ideas for new projects!
- Joint project with Comic Fury?
- updated DD URLs needed for

Google+ - How webcomic-ers could use it
- Getting in early, easier networking?
- Sharing STUFF (content!)
- Short stories to attract new audience
- Tutorials, side content, etc.
- Fan groups
- Hangouts or Sparks?
- Ryan Estrada's Google+ is a great example

Site-wide poll thoughts
- type of questions?
- used for what?
- your thoughts gladly heard!



Genejoke at 10:31AM, Aug. 9, 2011

Vegax did a brilliant job with that clip.

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