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I have QuackCast ep. 13, Character Development interview, and milestones! FOR YOU!

skoolmunkee at 8:56AM, Feb. 1, 2011

Hello, people who like to listen to things! Did you know that Quackcast Episode 13: The Many Ways to Not Work on Your Comic is now available?

Oz and skool discuss their first disagreement on a feature, cementing skool's image as “the evil one”. They then get into a lengthy discussion about the loosely related topics of filler, fan art, and artist/writer's block.

* Featured Comic: Magellan
* Featured Comic: Aliens Anonymous
* Filler: What is it? Why do it? When it's good and when it's bad
* Fan art: Its many uses, positives and negatives, different methods, and fan art ettiquite
* Artist and writer's block: Why it might occur, why it's normal, and advice on how to get out of it.

I've also got a special treat for you! We've got more Quack With the Ducks Member Interviews coming in, and the first one this week is doodstormer interviews Gunwallace of Character Development! It's a doozy… Character Development has recently been featured, so I think a lot of people will be interested in this one!

In Character Development, you use Playmobil figurines as your characters. Do you ever have technical difficulties with them, like the figs repeatedly falling over, or the limited poseability preventing something you want them to do in the story?

Oh, yes. I have a knack for knocking things over with my fat stubby fingers. However, I find a little Blu-Tack (sticky gum-like stuff) on the feet or hands of the Playmobil really helps. My kids and cats also have a tendency to nudge/steal/hide bits. One of the biggest problems is finding the props you know you have somewhere in a box, but which box? I need a better system for filing the bits away.

As for the lack of movement and expression in the toys, that's something I have to work around. I like the fact the Playmobil are always smiling, no matter what is happening to them. Lately, I seem to be writing more complex scripts that demand a lot of trickery. There's a bubbling swamp coming up, which my wife thinks we can do with some thick pudding and straws … and a dance number that will require large numbers of toys in identical poses.

And just as a reminder, the Quack With the Ducks Member Interviews is always looking for more participants- currently Thor's Thundershack needs a partner! Guidelines and signup in that thread! DO IT!

Of course, no newspost would be complete without the milestones announcements, to highlight the time and hard work DDers put into their comics!

Scorpion451 has reached 25 pages with The Greening Wars - congrats on your first milestone! We are happy to have you here on the Duck!

Today, February 1st, The Rose Killer is 2 years old!
Updates have been slow, but in the next several days expect page 100! Thanks for reading!

On Wednesday, All Saints by Dave7 reaches a big 100 pages! It currently features the art of Genejoke from Malefic and Malefic Tales (JSCervini is taking a break). Check it out!



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