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There's a NEW DrunkDuck on the way, with a bunch of improvements!

srhdt at 11:50AM, Feb. 11, 2011

Hi everyone!

So as many of you may recall, a few months ago we attempted to implement a redesigned version of the site. Unfortunately, we attempted to implement the new look (and a handful of features) on top of DrunkDuck's existing code. Some of you might recall the results were a series of technical issues that made the site unsustainable and we ultimately reverted back to the old (current) version.

However, we didn't give up on our plans to improve the site. We still firmly believe in giving the users and the community more features, an improved interface, an updated look and an overall better experience on the site.

So with that in mind, we began to rebuild DrunkDuck from scratch, using a much-improved codebase. Specifically, the new site is being built in the Python programming language, using the Django web framework. At this point, we're well into development of the new site, and we're currently estimating being able to open a public beta to sometime in March.

We will try to do a weekly news post between now and the release of the beta to update the community on the progress that's being made on the new site. Those of you who followed the old forum thread we started a few months back when the redesign was first attempted may remember that we had posted sample screenshots of sections of the new site. Many of those designs have been modified somewhat since then, and we plan to share new sample images of our new look with each of these postings.

Check out the samples below!


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