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Calling all community projects!

skoolmunkee at 4:24AM, Feb. 19, 2011

We are going to have a ‘community project’ themed QuackCast, and so this is YOUR (if you are running a community project) opportunity to get a little more advertising!

Since this is a podcast, it would be IDEAL if you could record a 2-3 minute audio file we can play! If you don't want to or aren't able to do that, you can send a script to us and we can read it on the QC ourselves for you. AND since the QC supports images in iTunes, you can send along a (worksafe) image if you want!

These should be community projects which people can come along and join into, so things which are pretty much “sewed up” and there's no way for new people to participate other than “read the comic we made” etc aren't really suitable. Things like Mafia which go in fairly rapid rounds, or where people can do support comics or voting in conjuction with the main project (like Fightsplosion) are fine though!

- 2-3 minutes please
- Be sure and explain what it is, assume anyone listening has no background knowledge of it
- Describe how people might participate
- Who to contact or where to get more info
And anything else you think might draw people in or “sell” the project!

We need any recordings (or scripts) BEFORE Thursday! If you are sending it on Thursday you are sending it too late!

If you are sending an audio file, a 192 kbps mp3 is best, but probably we could work with anything. Audacity with a LAME encoder (all free!) is easy to use! You can upload a file at yousendit or tinyupload or many other places, and then PQ me the link. Scripts can just be PQed to me or ozoneocean.

Edit: You guys are fast! We've got one audio recording already and one script!



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