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Hello! Welcome to January! Some news for you?

skoolmunkee at 5:24AM, Jan. 2, 2011

Am I the only one who thinks of Count Rugen shouting “Not to 50!” when reporting 50 pages? :-)

"Rune: a Tale of Wizards and Kings" has reached 50 pages, with two issues done and the third issue just starting.

I also had a baby a three weeks ago, so page updates may be sporadic for the next few months. :-)
Congrats on both fronts Christina!

Genejoke's Underbelly
hits the first milestone of 25 pages on the 2nd of this month, excluding filler!

And Malefic will hit 175 pages on Wednesday!

On Tuesday, Eternity Dreams hits 50 pages of delicious story! (Mitaukano also forgot to mention the 25th update, so a double-congrats!) Go you!

As a last note, a big “nevermind” in regards to Barry Reviews Webcomics ending. Harkovast, who is building his comic review empire, had some writing ideas so the series is continuing for a while yet!



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