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QUACKCAST 11, part 1: Amelius, EENick, Charby the Vampirate, Cwen's Quest, WOW!!

Ozoneocean at 12:05PM, Jan. 11, 2011

Our first interview!

This Quackcast features our first ever interview: with Evil Emperor Nick from
Cwen's Quest and Amelius from Charby the Vampirate!

These two creative DDers were celebrating their anniversary as well as the anniversary of Charby! The date was the filth of January if you want to know, on a Wednesday; a day earlier than we normally do our Quackcast just especially so we could have it done with our two guests on that special day. It was an extra long chat so we've split it into two parts, with the second part to be released at this time next week.
I apologise if I was a bit too garrulous, I'd had a couple of glasses of red to get into the swing of things, in the fine tradition of the name of our site ;)

Without further ado, I present to you Quackast 11, Part 1:

* Featured Comic: The Tainted
* Featured Comic: Character Development
* OUR VERY FIRST INTERVIEW! Featuring Evil Emperor Nick and Amelius
* Amy and Nick tell us about their anniversary and the anniversary of Charby
* Nick tells us about Cwen's Quest
* Amy discusses Charby the Vampirate
* Skool and Ozone laugh and laugh
* Nick tells us about collaboration in webcomics
* Nick and Amy tell us a little about their joint projects: Villainy Minor and Night School as well as a secret “fantasy western” they have planned
* ozone says “Fantastic” a lot while skoolmunkee tries to ask interesting questions
* We discuss the intricate artwork that makes up the pages of Charby the Vampirate



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