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Ozoneocean at 5:44AM, Jan. 13, 2011

Trig and his dragon friend Artex and trying to work out why piles of scrap metal are being mysteriously dumped into a mall… through a portal into a parallel universe. And then they're attacked by zombie policemen! Meanwhile a young wolfboy is wondering around with a rat on his head trying to remember his name…
The Parallel is a black and white story humour comic by Yoite. It has a sketchy, digital art style, quick, stylised, simplified and expressive! Rated E.

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One of Wowio's Sister sites (and therefore DD's sister too!) Popgalaxy has a review up for Green Hornet!
Have a squizz at it:
Green Hornet film review

And don't forget to listen to Quackcast 11 Part one where we speak of Amelius from Charby the Vampirate! and Evil Emperor Nick from Cwen's Quest.



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