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DrunkDuck back up post-migration, additional issues being worked on

srhdt at 9:57AM, Jan. 17, 2011

Hi everyone.

So the site is back up and on a new server, but obviously the move has created additional bug issues, many of which we're aware of and are working quickly to resolve. Anyone who runs across a problem on the site, please post it here

and I will continue to compile the list and forward it on to our support team.

Additionally, if you'd rather not deal with the loading issues associated with posting, please feel free to email any problems to

Again, we hope to get these things resolved ASAP and have the site running smoothly again. I will continue to update the DD Twitter and Facebook as I learn more.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience, guys.

Edit by skoolmunkee:
Wowio is working behind the scenes to resolve the loading issues. Currently several chron jobs have been disabled, so there are some things which might appear to be errors but are not. Still, it wouldn't hurt to report anything you've noticed isn't working correctly.

Currently the most major issue (other than the slowness, which has improved) is that many comics in the A-D range aren't working and can't be accessed. A-C gives a 403 forbidden error and D comics give a different one. Wowio knows about this problem and is working on it too.




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