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Server move update and some milestones!

skoolmunkee at 7:11AM, Jan. 18, 2011

You can check out the previous newspost about this for more details, but Drunk Duck has undergone a server move (they have tried doing this several times and always met with problems and had to revert it). Most things have transferred over, but:

- there is general slowness which Wowio's team are working to identify/solve
- comics starting with A-D are experiencing problems (generally can't be accessed or read), this is widely reported and is being looked at
- elements of the site may not appear to work properly as things like chron jobs are turned off/on to test how they affect the site performance

But please do report anything that you think should be, there's:
- a forum thread in General Discussion
- email (not linked in an effort to reduce spam)
- and places like the livejournal group

Because of the server troubles we are not doing a Monday feature- comics which have been featured when the site is running badly end up getting very little attention, and we just don't feel that's fair for them.

Okay? OKAY! Time for some comic news!

Doctor Shadow and Revaflynn's The Chronicles of Wyrden turns 3 years old on Monday!

And at 400 pages is Stickman and Cube by Pieguy259! “Did you know that 400 has been scientifically proven to be an extremely unfunny number?”



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