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Brief update - thumbnails working again - and regular newspost

skoolmunkee at 10:37AM, Jan. 26, 2011

The site is recovering from the server move, albeit slowly. We're still seeing reports of problems trickle in, so keep letting us know about those and we can pass them on to the programmers at Wowio. Hopefully we will have more information soon.

Newest fix: Everyone should have thumbnails again, although it may be a random page from your archive. However you can now upload a thumbnail of your choosing (80x100 pixels) to replace it. You may have to force your images to reload to view your updated thumbnail.

We know the site is going very slowly now (after a few days of almost-normal speed late last week) and Wowio's programmers are working to improve it. Thanks everyone for your patience, we know the site being slow makes the whole thing annoying and difficult to use.

Genejoke and JZA963's The Hero Factor, a super hero parody of TV talent shows, reached 25 pages on Tuesday!

InstaDinner, by Syas, has also just reached its first milestone of 25 pages! Looks great Syas!

Hello! I'd like to announce that my comic "Led by a Mad Man" will have been going on for a year this upcoming Saturday! I'm pretty excited but I also need a break. So I'm having a guest comic contest with prizes! S-sorta.

Um. So if people would like to stop by that would be great.
ErrePi is being humble, but does a great comic! (I don't know what the prize/s is, ask ErrePi!)

lagoticspy's un-re-stop comics has just reached 100 pages! That's the ticket!

A while ago I noted my Daryl and Susie had reached 200 pages. Well, now it has reached 300! THREE HUNDRED LIKE DA MOVIE! YAYZOR!

Project Darklight by Reashi has reached a full 50 pages! Congrats!

And if you are a resident of Australia or New Zealand,
There is a manga oneshot competition being held for Australian and NZ residents.

The winners will be published in the Australian Manga Magazine, Kiseki.

The magazine is being sold across Australia through various retailers and local comic stores, including Borders Bookstores Australia.

The deadline is on 31st March.



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