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List of site issues fixed 7-19-11

srhdt at 5:13PM, July 19, 2011

Hey everyone,

Bugs/Issues fixed 7-19-11:
- Bulk uploading functionality re-enabled! You should be able to upload up to 10 pages at a time now.

- Image compression has been removed for all uploaded pages moving forward, below 960px wide. We're still finalizing the best way to implement this fix for all old pages that were migrated to the new site. Please have a little more patience on this front.

- My Favorites and My Comics will now only update when a new comic page goes live. Same goes for the Latest Updates list on the homepage. Any other edits to the comic will not affect these lists.

- Fixed a bug where certain users were unable to upload comic headers or comic thumbnails. They should work fine for everyone now.

- User profile urls are no longer case-sensitive.

- now redirects to

- The ‘Help’ link in the control panel now links to (a wonderful Help site that skoolmunkee made)

We believe we figured out why the PQs from the old site hadn't correctly migrated over to the new site. We're currently running the migration script again. It should be finished later tonight and I'll send a tweet out when it does. At that time you should have your Inboxes restored with all your old PQ's.

Thanks for the feedback, guys!



Sameth at 7:42PM, July 19, 2011

The editing on the subpages isn't working. I try and resize the pictures to thumbnails and it doesn't work. I've tried setting links to various things and they don't work, either. I've also tried resizing and recoloring text and it doesn't work.

SLK8ne at 6:53PM, July 19, 2011


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