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QUACKCAST Episode 33 - Here Comes The Metric System, Part 2

Ozoneocean at 4:45AM, June 28, 2011

ShadowsMyst (Mistress of Marketing, and creator of Brymstone and Shifters) is back this week for Part 2 of a double-cast, all about the numbers and data behind your comics! There's more discussion in this second half about targeting efforts, gathering information in unusual ways, and search engine optimization.

Listen to QUACKCAST Episode 33 - Here Comes The Metric System, Part 2

Featured Comics:
- The Darkened Heart
- Evan Yeti

Metrics and using them:
- Google Analytics: Content (what are people are looking at, and more)
- Effect on site design
- Mobile device users
- Don't compare your stats to others
- Reader polls and other sources of feedback
- Collecting info and reaching out via social media
- Gathering information (and connections) at cons
- Being reluctant with numbers
- Search Engine Optimization

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And don't forget to checkout Monday's featured comic, Solar Salvage! We'll be talking about that one in next week's Quackcast. ;)



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