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ozoneocean at 5:13AM, June 30, 2011

Young Lily LaCroix has a lot to live up to… her mother and idol was amazingly beautiful, a singer with a divine voice, a perfect performer and dancer, and an assassin. Leaving France, her homeland, Lilly finds her way down-under to a far red and dusty land. On the eve of war, tensions are high, the city is dangerous and hard. Lilly becomes a cabaret and burlesque performer to get by, but bigger things are to come… DANGERMOTH is sexy heroine, who with her partner Captain Dashing, work to keep the streets safe. Soon their paths will cross and interesting things will happen!
Colourful, sexy art, and dramatic, flowing writing!
By Baby Doll Daily, aka Noele D Reves Rated M.
-this one hasn't updated much but I waited years to feature it so here it is!


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- The Darkened Heart
- Evan Yeti



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