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Thor's Thundershack interview, and where did all these milestones come from?!

skoolmunkee at 11:44AM, March 2, 2011

Hey all! I've got a brand-new Drunk Duck member interview for you! Today, for your reading pleasure, I present to you
MaxAxil interviewing BffSatan of Thor's Thundershack! Bff's responses are brilliant, here's a look:

How many times a day do you update a comic? Do u have a specific day you update?

Let me do the maths on that one… I update twice for every seven days, so 2 divided by seven is 0.2857142857, which is how many times a day I update; or at least that's the most digits my calculator's screen can hold.

I update Thursday and Sunday, although honestly, it's often Friday and Monday. My rule is that, as long as it's Thursday or Sunday somewhere; I'm not late.

Obviously I chose Thursday because it means Thor's day. Sunday because it's spaced well away from Thursday. Hopefully, I can one day start updating Tuesday too; that way my update schedule will be TTS.

The Silver Eye by lostie815 has just passed 100 pages!

Hitting 125 pages is lagoticspy's Un-Re-Stop-Comics! (Actually, it hit it on Monday!)

And at "a little OVER 200" is the featured comic The Portland Express by rogerawilbanks!

Asbin's Project GTH reached 350 pages on Monday!

March 1st marked the 250th page of Randal's Brick!

The Worst Best Comic Ever (does that make it good or bad or just average?) by SarahDot has passed 25 pages!

At 200 pages is Gunwallace's featured comic Character Development!

Another featured comic MAG-ISA by kyupol is now at 450 pages!

And at 200 pages is Genejoke's Malefic!

And I can't believe I almost forgot this one until I went to post this up, but

Abby Sanders: Lawyer to the Supernatural is back from hiatus and has reached 25 strips! The author says… oh, nevermind being clever. It's me, that's my comic.



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