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THURSDAY'S FEATURE --> Wanted Dead or dead

Ozoneocean at 9:56PM, March 9, 2011

James and Jesse are Children of the legendary Black Deadwood, the most diabolical outlaw the west has ever known. They're a low down pair of greedy, murderous, evil villains, so they take after their dad. They're also undead. Wanted Dead or dead is a comedy gothic western drawn in the manga style. The art is strong, bold, black and white. Art and story by MayelV, rated T+

Read Wanted Dead or dead

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This Quackcast is all about what sorts of things you need to know (or might just want to keep in mind) when starting a webcomic on Drunk Duck, or anywhere.
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Topics and Show Notes

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* How To Get Started:
- DrunkDuck specific advice
- Technical advice
- Starting the comic itself
- General advice
- Attitude
- Collaborators

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