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QUACKCAST Episode 19: Comic making media, traditional and digital

skoolmunkee at 10:51AM, March 22, 2011

Episode 19: Out With The Old And In With the New, Maybe?

This week we discuss What media can be used when making a comic, traditional vs. digital tools, a quick comparison of color vs. black and white, and more!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comic:
- The Rangetsu Experiment
Featured comic:
- My TV is Evil

Art techniques and media
- Community contributions: demontales, Elektro, Salsa, and Kyupol share some of their experiences
- Digital vs. Traditional: advantages and disadvantages of each (practicality, intuitiveness, ‘look,’ size, storage, process, cost, etc.)
- Color vs. Black and White, pros and cons of each (from demontales's post in the thread, Does colour make comics better?)
- Very brief review of other media (pens, inks, 3D, etc) and some of their qualities as applied to webcomics
- Formal Training vs. None

And don't forget to contribute to:
- Ultimate Digital Artist's resource on a shoe string (or no string) budget
- As well as submit clips/text for us for future QuackCasts

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