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A contest for Vanguard, and many milestones for you!

skoolmunkee at 12:56PM, March 23, 2011

MrHades of Vanguard is running a Pop Culture Competition! After checking out that page I just linked, if you can identify the reference you may win some cool fan art!

Can anyone identify the pop culture reference? In what movie would I be able to find that vest that Gradlon is wearing? PM the correct answer to me by Friday 25th March and a winner will be picked at random to recieve a commission of their own creation like this.

Today, “despite all kind o' adversity,” grin ‘n’ spirit by ghostrunner has made it to page 900! WoooOOOOOoooo!

I just realized that I will be posting #100 of Hospitality Included this coming Thursday, March 24.

Hospitality Included follows the adventures and antics of Hoss, the head of security of a fictional suburban nightclub called the FunBar.

Hospitality Included is posted seven days a week, so odds are good (at least 1 in 7) that something funny will be delivered each week.
Sounds like a pretty good bet to me!

shirkersama's Philosophical Penis Joke reaches 50 pages on Friday! That's a lot of PPJs, the world can always use more PJs!

http:// ]
Hello again. It has come to my attention that my comic, http:// ]Kids With Gas Eat Free, has arrived upon its 150th iteration. Your mention shall be held within the highest regard.

Thanks Be To You
Ahem, I believe that should say praise be to me?



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