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QUACKCAST Episode 20 - What I Learned in Webcomics School Today

ozoneocean at 4:59AM, March 29, 2011

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Listen to Quackcast Episode 20 - What I Learned in Webcomics School Today
Mar 29, 2011

Skool and Oz recap some DrunkDucker lessons learned through doing webcomics, along with some contributions from members. Oz goes dodgy Australian and Skool goes Comonwealth.

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured Comic: Minion
Featured Comic: Wake the Knight

What you learned by doing webcomics
* Generalizations:
- Learned to draw
- Found own strengths and weaknesses
- Development of skills
* Member contributions:
- ayesinback
- kyupol
- itsjustaar
- elektro
- RPGgrenade
- Genejoke
* Personal growth:
- Gaining confidence and not giving up
- Lowering walls and therapy
- Networking and spreading messages
- Therapeutic and creative output/satisfaction
- Route to ‘tangential’ learning (via research)
* Improving skills:
- Art (techniques, effectiveness, media, etc)
- Writing (characters, storytelling, pacing, cliches, etc)
- Software (learning the instruments)
- Technical skills (scanning, dpi, etc.)
- Means of contextualized “forced” practice
- Being “good” vs. being “better”
- To absorb and use criticism and feedback
- The value of experimentation
* Webcomics in particular:
- Importance of deadlines
- Importance of thumbnails
- Balancing speed and quality
- Managing misinterpretations
- Being lazy doesn't pay off
- Being understanding of slow update schedules
- Using other webcomics as points of learning
- Balancing life vs. comic

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There's no tutorial for this week, as the show notes summarize things pretty nicely!

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