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THURSDAY'S FEATURE --> Gods Almighty

Ozoneocean at 7:34AM, March 31, 2011

Bethany is an imaginative 17 your old Australian girl. Accompanying her in her day to day life and flights of fantasy are the two Norse gods, Loki & Freyr, and her cat Poo. As an avowed god of trickery and mischief, Loki is a little bit of a bugger, but there’s also something lovable about him. Freyr is helpful but has an assertiveness problem. Bethany just tries to make the best of it, but with these two there to brighten up her life, what can go wrong?
Gods almighty is a humorous fantasy journal comic strip by OnlyFoolsAndVikings, AKA Bethany Hughston, in digital colour and water colour. Rated T+

Read Gods Almighty

DD had some bad issues yesterday. Please check this thread, this news post and the Tech blog by our chief programmer Lawrence to learn what happened and instructions and advice about what to do if you have suffered any problems.
-The main thig is that Any images and HTML changed or uploaded (comic page images especially) since the 14th of January need to be re-uploaded. Your pages with comments should still be there but they need editing to add the missing art. Comic accounts created AFTER the 14th of January need some additional repair by our programming team so that they can be accessed again.



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