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QUACKCAST Episode 25 - Artists' Workshop

Ozoneocean at 8:11AM, May 3, 2011

This episode is all about getting better at the “art” part of comics. We have lots of exercises and things to try in order to develop several aspects of the visual end of making comics!

Listen to QUACKCAST Episode 25 - Artists' Workshop

Featured Comics:
- Another Door
- Koji Takahashi Stops the World

There's too much to list it all out, so for a basic overview, we talk about:
- General advice
- Prompts
- Fast Practice
- Longer Practice
- Challenges
- Games
- Characters
- Backgrounds/Perspective
- Paneling/Framing
- Color/Lighting

With contributions from:
- Ally Haert
- RPGgrenade
- OnlyFoolsAndVikings
- and Pick and Furikku from SomethingAwful

Useful Links:
- oz and skool's Scribble-Picture examples -
- Comic Cheat Sheets -
- Artist File Type Export Guide -
- Panel Discussions: Design in Sequential Art Storytelling -
- PSG Art Tutorials -
- Skullbie's MegaThread: Links/Tips to Everything -

And don't forget to check out Monday's featured comic: Quickening!



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