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Some good news, some sad news, some milestones...

skoolmunkee at 11:16AM, May 29, 2011

A big congratulations to Niccea, site moderator, Mafia princess, and all-around great gal- who has gone off to get married and have a bit of honeymoon! We wish you the best!

Sad news today:
Our pal and long time Heroes Unite/Heroes Alliance collaborator Hero lost his house in a fire.
We are trying to raise money to support him and his family. Please see my page comments (starting Monday, May 30th) on Heroes Alliance for ways how to help him.

Hear ye hear ye, a message from ayesinback, the voice contest Czarina!
Bad News: we only had one script entry

Good News: We already have a winner! Biggest congratulations to Ally-Haert!

So all of you voices out there, look to the thread for an update on how to enter your voice for a character spot in our Drunk Duck Radio Play
Why aren't more people participating? I don't know! But it makes me angry!

There are 10 parts to try out for in the radio play, so I hope you've all got your microphones all shined up and ready to go…!

And speaking of Niccea, The DD Mafia Comic reached 650 pages yesterday…. and on Tuesday, it will be caught up with the games! (No small feat!)

Stubblemonkey has another milestone, this time with his surreal pub-based strip The Tales of the Sly Ditt Inn! It's reached 125th update of weirdness and joy on Friday! And did you know, he's on his honeymoon too? (Not with Niccea of course…)

Also on Friday, CROSS WORLDS NEXXUS by shaneronzio reached a gigantic 1500 pages! He should get a prize or soemthing…

lostie815's The Silver Eye has just hit 125 pages! Keep them coming!



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