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Ozoneocean at 9:53AM, Nov. 13, 2011

The Drunk Duck Awards!
These have been going on for a week now and will finish up in another week's time. In the mean time you should totally check them out and have a look at all the very worthy and deserving comics, creators and community members that have won awards!
There are a LOT of really entertaining awards presentation pages to read, acceptance speeches and concession speeches.

These guys have put a LOT of work into these awards and it is an extremely worthy piece of work!
One of those people being: Niccea, empress of the Awards:
Show her some love ;)

This Tuesday's Quackcast will feature an interview with Niccea where we announce all the awards that've been won so far. I apologise in advance for the recording quality, we had some microphone troubles.
And in next week's Quackcast we'll announce all the rest of the awards, so be sure to listen in!



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