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ozoneocean at 12:00AM, April 19, 2012

Norman Driscoll is a damaged old guy, having suffered some bad experiences during the Vietnam war, unfortunately his current situation isn't helping him out much… lately the city and the community seems to have gone to crap- violent gangs controlling the streets attacking people with impunity, what's a guy to do? This is a dark tale of murder and revenge. Can the shell shocked man fight back?
Very well done stylised realism is the best way to describe the art here. The tones of yellow and orange really heighten the feelings of desperation and decay. This is a rather grim, dramatic action story of life on the edge, by SirMWK, rated T.

Read Shell Shock.



Genejoke at 1:54AM, April 19, 2012

well deserved, the comic is off to a good start.

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