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Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Aug. 16, 2012

Annie Chang is a pretty good engineer, with just a hint of special powers… She can build up quite a strong electrical charge in her body. Well the world needs its superheros, as many as it can get, even ones with very little power or ability, so with people like Annie they make do. Watch as Annie and her partner Tabitha are trained up, their powers enhanced and they become Pulse and Bolt, sexy armoured superwomen!
This is a really interesting, well written story comic about superheroes being made. There's a lot of character development here and some breast development too… The art is very original and heavily stylised, all digital. The first 70 or so pages are greyscale then it switches over to colour.
By Lightfoot, rated T.

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Lightfoot at 5:01PM, Aug. 17, 2012

Wow! Thanks for the feature!

Ozoneocean at 5:58PM, Aug. 16, 2012

I know right? If you didn't already like it, those are two more very good reasons! :)

Abt_Nihil at 11:56AM, Aug. 16, 2012

Great feature! And... boobies! <3

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