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QUACKCAST Episode 91 - The Quack Always Casts Twice, 2012 DD radio play

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Aug. 21, 2012


Banes introduces the 2012 DD radio play! Maxwell McDuff must face his most diabolical trial yet in… THE DUCK ALWAYS QUACKS TWICE! He's joined by many other notable and fiendish characters in this new and epic adventure involving anvils, Maltese quails, crocodiles, and terrifying torture!
This fine story was written by Gunwallace, organised heroically by Ayesinback and edited together by Banes. This story of the amazing Maxwell McDuff and many other characters was the product of many hours work and organisation by many different participants. Before the play there are some great interviews with members of the cast, but if you’d like to jump to the play, that starts at 38.41 minutes.

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comics:
Misfits of Fandom -
Pulse Comics -

Interviews by Banes with:
Bravo -
NickyP -
Tylin -
Usedbooks -
Gene Hole -
Gullas -
Pieguy259 -

Visually represented in the DD radio play comic:

Participants not already linked to:
Ayesinback, her imperial majesty, The Czarina Of Everything
Banes, Editor In Chief
Gunwallace, most famous writer in history
Niccea, wanted murderator
Abt_Nihil, bearded Lothario
Pit_Face, princess of the peanut people
Rokulily, Czarina junior and assassin
Skoolmunkee, Paladin knight and fartmonster
Spang, motorcycle gangleader
Product Placement, Viking beserker
Black Kitty, 1956 Olympic decathlon silver medalist
Subcultured, amazing pornstar

I hope I got everyone.



PIT_FACE at 7:45PM, Aug. 23, 2012

ggaassspppp!! you left out Tantz!

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