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Quackcast Episode 60 - Jillyfoo interview part two

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Jan. 17, 2012


This is Part 2 of my interesting chat with Jillyfoo (popular artist and creator of Demon Eater). Here she chats about various interesting subjects particularly applicable to webcomic creation from what she uses to keep her inspired while working, to how to make money and network at conventions and what sorts of things she finds most appealing in other webcomics. There's also a bit of general chat and reminiscing, you've been warned! As with last week's instalment, I apologise for the poor audio quality of the interview portion- my connection was bad so this interview had to be edited and cut somewhat as a consequence.
See Jillyfoo's stuff here:

We also have part 4 of our exciting drunk duck soap “What happened wile I was away?”. It was edited this week by Banes, and he did a wonderful job! See his stuff here:

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comics:
The Greening Wars -
Gore -

Our What Happened While I Was Away players:
In order of appearance
- Genejoke -
- Ayesinback (Doing a perfect Marina Sirtis) -
- Banes (our editor) -
- Nicky P -
- Tantz Aerine -
- ozoneocean -
- Gullas -
- Pit Face -
- Skoolmunkee -

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