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QUACKCAST Episode 69 - Dude with a problem, screenwriting part 2

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 20, 2012


DUDE… where's my problem? In this truly excellent number sixty nine Quackcast we get to the second part of our exploration of screenwriting techniques. We quickly recap on last weeks story structure outline and genres and then move on to talking about three NEW genres: Out of the bottle, Dude with a problem, and Rites of passage; Genres variously represented by things such as The Twilight Zone, Diehard, and Stand By Me. We also have the TENTH episode of our fantastic DD comedy soap "What Happened While I Was Away?' where we have the hilarious introduction of two totally new characters: the frantic, fried and frazzled Macattack, and the debonair cad Ironscarf. Don't miss it!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comics:
Guinea Something Good -
BonkkaView -

Bane's tutorial on screenwriting, Part one!
Banes, talented editor:

Banes the talent and editor:

Our What Happened While I Was Away players:
- Banes -
- Tantz Aerine - Aerine/
- Ozoneocean -
- Rokulily -
- Gullas -
- Bravo1102 -
- Skoolmunkee -
- Pitface -
- Genejoke -

Special announcement:
THE DD RADIO PLAY 2012! We need voice actors AND artists!
Please read the instructions here -
Record some test clips for the roles and email them to Ayesinback to tryout for a role! And sign up to do pages of the accompanying comic!
I have, how about you? ;)



theorah at 1:08AM, March 27, 2012

Question! Have you one a podcast discussing black and white vs colour comics? I was just pondering over it at Metal Breakdown, where said artist is wondering if he should start working in black and white or not. Its an interesting discussion, I thought it might make a good one for the pocast (if it hasnt already been done heheh)

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