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THURSDAY FEATURE --> Tindome Senshi

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Sept. 27, 2012

Inspired by Sailor Moon, Tindome Senshi is a romantic fantasy Sci-fi comic about young princess Elm who is just on the verge of womanhood, yet still too immature to take on the responsibilities of her position. She'd rather dream about cute magical cabbits than attend boring political meetings! But things are about to change for her. She's about to have to do some growing up! At least she'll have her new cabbit for company.
Done with bright, pretty, anime influenced, cell shaded style digital art, this is a full colour story comic. There aren't many pages yet so It's a good one to get started with!
By SailorDione, rated E

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cyberdog at 9:25AM, Sept. 29, 2012


cyberdog at 9:22AM, Sept. 29, 2012

ok ok I hear ya. My bad

ozoneocean at 10:50PM, Sept. 27, 2012

15 pages is the minimum. If the work seems polished or interesting enough and has recently updated it's featurable. The last few feature with up to 400 pages are the exception for a number of reason: 1. if they get to that many pages without us noticing them, it's slim that we ever will since the long they go on the more likely they'll quit. 2. long comics are harder to feature because we can't read the entire things before featuring them. 3. If a comic has been going a long time we might think that we've already featured it. 4. if it's been going a long time it might be at a featurable level now but we don't realise that since if we checked it out when it started and it wasn't featurable we'll still be under that assumption. Feating is a really hard, tricky process, shorter comics make it easier.

cyberdog at 3:29PM, Sept. 27, 2012

Weird how this gets featured and there's only 17 pages to it.

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