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Niccea's Community Corner!

skoolmunkee at 12:11PM, April 22, 2013

Niccea has decided to run a new round of the forum game, Mafia! It's a fun game and is a great chance to meet your fellow DDers (and kill some of them)!

Mafia is a forum based role playing game where players play the part of villagers or mafia members who are fighting over the control of their town. This is a turned based game where each turn takes 24 hours and alternates between day and night. The villagers are more active during the day while the mafia rules the night. In order to win you have to communicate with the other players, form alliances, betray or protect and do whatever it takes for your side to succeed. That's all you need to know really. The best way to learn the game is to play it and I will take special care to ensure that you won't get lost. Well now? What are you waiting for? Sign up so we can get this madness started!

And now, let's talk Drunk Duck Awards!
If you've been involved in the awards planning discussions in the forums, you'll know that the For Your Consideration pages involve a new proposal… not just to be a method to advertise your comic for certain awards, but to be a collaborative story in their own right! Here's JustNoPoint with an explanation. Everyone who plans on participating should read it!

Basically, this week I'll put together the 1st page of the story. Duck and Quail have to try to get money and promote the DD awards or Wowio won't let it take place.

So the For Your Consideration (FYC) pages need to follow this story. In it your characters/comic will do something to help the awards. Have a rich character? He can give a large donation. Maybe your characters will run around your comic (or other people's comics) trying to promote the awards. Maybe your characters work extra jobs to help get money for the awards.

The purpose of this is to not have stale ads taking up room at the start. They will be actual pages meant to aid the over all enjoyment of the Awards/story and be a FYC at the same time. So yes, promote your comics that you wish to be nominated in it too! Perhaps that rich character donating is a rich villain trying to bribe the Awards into voting for said comic.

Get creative and have fun with it! FYC pages and other material for the awards can be sent to 2013awards (at) !



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