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QUACKCAST Episode 107 - Back to Skool for the new year!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Jan. 8, 2013


Happy new year! Here we all are, back to Skool! Banes, Skoolmunkee and I have a meandering, twisting, turning conversation, spanning many silly subjects in this New Year catchup Quackcast where we find out what each other was doing over the holiday, what comic related stuff we've done and thought about, what we got for xmas, what comic films we've seen and all that marvellous stuff as we listen to ourselves talk and feel massively important and clever! …at least that's the case with me, the other two are actually pretty clever. Skool, Banes and I wish you a happy new 2013!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comics:
Typical Strange -
Demon's Mirror -
Geminni LEVEL UP -

Secret Santa gift art -
Skool's Tumblr -
Wingman Banes -
Wingmunkee Skool -



SLK8ne at 12:28PM, Jan. 10, 2013

And a happy new year to all of you as well. :D

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