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QUACKCAST Episode 131 - Contributors comic classic movies

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, July 2, 2013


This week we have some generous contributions from people who have let us know about their fave adaptions of comic book movies! Last week it was just Banes and I crapping on about our choices, THIS week we get to hear from a much wider perspective. Our contributors had some very interesting things to say about their choices!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comic:
Lovecraft Jr -

Contribution thread -
Usedbooks talked Dick Tracy -
Gunwallace told us about Ghostworld and many other films -
SLK8ne mentioned V for Vendetta and many others -
Gullas told us about the glories of Spawn -
El Cid on Blade and Sin City -
Abt Nihil brings up MANY interesting topics and a lot of batman -

NEXT week I'm doing an interview with my character Pinky from my comic Pinky TA. For the week after we would LOVE you to do interviews of YOUR comic characters!
Example of people's characters talking about themselves -
Here are the interview Questions:

Ohhhh, and please vote for the comic you like in the D Awards!



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