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QUACKCAST Episode 130 - The art of comicbook movies

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, June 25, 2013


Banes and I talk about some of our fave comic book movies! That is, comics that have made the creative transition to the medium of film. We missed out a LOT but what can you do? It's a popular field. We discuss many modern superhero comicbook films like Watchmen, Batman, The Phantom etc, as well as non-superhero comicbook films like Brenda Starr, Modesty Blaise, Ghost in The Shell, Tank Girl, Asterix, Conan the Barbarian and so on. We talk about the different approaches they take to represent a vast comicbook cannon in the short space of 1 and a half or two and a half hours that a film goes for: sometimes they go for the origin story approach, sometimes they'll spoor the character, sometimes they'll depict a normal everyday representative adventure to show, and sometimes they'll show a condensed version of the entire story.

Nextweek we'd love to hear about YOUR fave comic book movies!!!!!!
Just post your submissions in the comments section here, in the forums here - , on our facebook site - , or send recordings to ozoneocean at yahoo dot com.
Due date: Thursday the 28th of June

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