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DD Awards 2013 underway- send in your For Your Considerations!

skoolmunkee at 11:37AM, May 20, 2013
tags: 2013 DD awards!

The DD Awards 2013 is officially underway! It's time to start off the season with the For Your Consideration submissions…. which really work as an awareness/voting tool, by the way!

There's a new twist on the FYCs this year, though. Rather than the awards starting off with “ads,” submissions are to take the form of comics which roughly follow the same plot theme: The DD Awards need money to continue!

No, no- the awards don't actually need money. It's like this: They will be actual pages meant to aid the over all enjoyment of the Awards/story and be a FYC at the same time. So yes, promote your comics that you wish to be nominated in it too! Perhaps that rich character donating is a rich villain trying to bribe the Awards into voting for said comic. Get it?

There's some great entries already, and we hope you join them! Woooo Drunk Duck Awards 2013! Yeah!



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