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'Tis the Season! Art-based charities

HippieVan at 12:00AM, Dec. 19, 2014
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Since it’s the holiday season, I thought I would take the opportunity to suggest a way that we can all express some generosity in a way that matters to us. I imagine most of us understand how valuable art can be as a way of escaping a bad situation, expressing oneself and just staying productive. Unfortunately, things like art supplies, lessons and a space to create are not always readily available to people who most need a creative outlet.

Fortunately, art-based charities, especially for youth, are present in most major cities. I’m aware of at least two in my own city: Studio 393, which is in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, and the North End Arts Centre, which is in an area with high crime and poverty rates. I’m personally more familiar with Studio 393, and it seems really cool. Every time I pass by I like to take a minute to admire all the art hanging in its windows and on its walls. On top of more standard art lessons the Studio also features workshops in hip hop, film-making and even in creating zines. For other Canadians, Toronto also has a large number of charities providing these services including Sketch, Inner City Angels and Curtain Up, which provides young people with free theatre workshops.

I encourage all DDers who are feeling generous this time of year to look into programs in their own cities and find out how you can help, whether it be through a donation or offering up some time and expertise. Happy holidays!


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KimLuster at 6:56AM, Dec. 19, 2014

I really should do more of this... I've been co-opted several times to help with backdrops for various plays so that's some charity... But... I really should do more

HippieVan at 6:19AM, Dec. 19, 2014

Haha! I did kind of think of that, but I would have felt like a jerk postponing your milestone. :)

MOrgan at 5:15AM, Dec. 19, 2014

What an amusing juxtaposition: helping out young kids with art and an adult comic milestone. 2 things you don't want next to each other. ;-) "Alright kids, pick up your pencils and... Officer, I'm just teaching them how to draw."

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